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Nov 1, 2012 5:00am EDT
come thh new crew starts at 6:00am, hen has a ssfety starting day 4 of restoring energy.. ((2-shot oss to weathhr)) ((ad lii mmteorologist)) 3 (((raffic reporter ad libs)) 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter 3 ad libs))mmp 395 ap 40 map 3 still to come... keeping mom and baby... happy and healthh. healthy.the risk taaing antidepressants can pose... &pduring pregnancy. common clean-up scams... to &pwatch out for. ((bbeak 2)) 3 many trees that fell here duri the height of hurricaae sandy...fell on homess.. and pre till there. cme a eiakaavantage of.... personal ddsaster. &pdisaster. hard at work... heee at the - home of andy smmth.nat sound around 6::0 monday night... naa sound before theorss o h'led sa -t h. 11:40:18 you could feel he wwole house shake a huge oak ttee now rested on the house... aad put their car in ppeearious position. 16:42:28 i was wooriethat the tree would continue to fa in bbcause its kkng o : w bpp and e pheember to ther insurance company in hand.... thh road i wanted tooget out. smith and his wife grabbed thier children and left.nat soundce they h reaahed sety... sm
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1